Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monthly Numbers June 2013

This is my June FBA snapshot for 6/1/2013-6/30/2013. Here is the breakdown of the story behind the sales:

Total Sales: $7382.56
Cancellations (Approx.): $221.00
FBA Fees (Approx.): 1904.18
Actual Sales (after Fees & Cancellations): $5257.38
Cost of Goods: $2880.58
Profit: $2376.80
Profit Margin: 32.1%
ROI: 82.5%
Miscellaneous: Storage Fees: $5.32, Subscription Fee: $39.99, Inbound Shipping: $147.30.

If there any other numbers you are interested in, comment below and I will add them.


  1. Duane,

    This is totally awesome. I was wondering could you tell us how you keep track of all your numbers? Do you use Outright, something within Amazon or some other system. You always seem to know the ROI, profit margins, etc. I know we need to know our numbers to see if we are even profiting. Thanks for the blog. It will be a real encouragement of what is possible.


    1. Hi Sydney,
      I use Quickbooks Pro 2013 to keep a list with my Cost of Goods. At then end of each month I download my Monthly Sales from Amazon (Reports > Business Reports > Custom Dates). This report gives me each individual order for the month. I delete every column except Description, Quantity, Product Sales, Selling Fees, FBA Fees, Other Transaction Fees, Other, and Total. Then I add a column for Cost of Goods (where I manually enter my data from Quickbooks) and I add a Profit column. In the Profit column I used a formula to subtract Cost of Goods column from Total column. After I set all that up it's just basic math:

      Actual Sales = Total Sales - Cancellations - Fees
      Profit = Actual Sales - Cost of Goods
      Profit Margin = Profit / Actual Sales
      ROI = Profit / Cost of Goods

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Duane,

    Thanks for sharing this info. Did you calculate work hours as well? I'm curious to know how many hours a month it takes you to generate that kind of profit.

    1. Hi John! I have to do better at checking for comments. :)
      I don't track my work hours. Things have changed quite a bit since posting these numbers. I have hired a team member, among other things and sales have increased to about $11,500 per month. I would estimate I currently work 40-50 hours per week and my team member works about 10 hours doing packing and shipping and another 5 hours sourcing.

      When I first started in January 2013 through August 2013 I would estimate hours per week were around 60.