Saturday, November 2, 2013

September Numbers

Here is a quick rundown of my September 2013 numbers. The chart and the downloaded spreadsheet sales revenue don't match. I am sorry for any confusion that may cause. I am not certain why the numbers don't match. I used the spreadsheet data to calculate my monthly numbers because I needed the formulas in the spreadsheet to calculate everything. It was not done to try to make my sales look higher. :)

Total Sales: 12,707.92
COG: $5,103.77
Profit: $3532.51
Profit Margin: 28%
ROI: 69%

My Coaching Course

The blog has been quiet for a while. Between group coaching and 4th quarter prep there hasn't been much time for blogging. The group coaching was a Huge success! The attendees and I learned quite a bit from each other. We worked through sourcing strategies, avoiding competition, and breaking down our numbers to make sure with all that work we are making a profit! :)
We also formed a Facebook group where the sharing and learning continues almost daily. It was so successful that I have had several inquiries about when it would be available again. With 4Q taking up so much time 1-on-1 coaching will not be available until early next year. But I have decided to do one more Fast Turns webinar (I did one for the Online Empire Academy in September). Also, if you would like access to our Facebook group and the recordings of the coaching presentations, that will be made available. So what does Duane Malek Coaching look like? Here is the breakdown:

1. A 45 minute presentation on Fast Turns where I explain what makes a fast turn, why they should be a part of your business model, and what the potential risks are. Followed by 30-45 minutes of Q & A. This is the foundation of my business.

2. Coaching Week 1: Off-The-Shelf Replenishables. How to find off-the-shelf items, how to test them, and what to do when the testing is done.

3. Coaching Week 2: Bundles, Multi-Packs, Parent/Child Listings. I explain what those are, why you should create them, and the benefits of each.

4. Coaching Week 3: Know Your Numbers. I walk you through breaking down your numbers so you know what sold, how much you made, and how to use that to project future growth. There is also a lengthy Q & A with Brett Bartlett, Co-Founder of the Online Empire Academy.

If you are interested in joining me for the Fast Turns webinar and the recorded coaching sessions you can sign up here.

If you would like to read some comments about my coaching there was a thread started on facebook. It's hard for me to talk about myself and to know how to respond to such kind words from others. So I will simply allow others to speak for me.